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Hi there! I'm so glad you stopped by!
I'm Rachel, a portrait photographer in Southeast South Dakota.

I grew up in a small town in Minnesota with a photographer mom, so naturally I couldn't help but pick up a camera for myself. As I got older, it started to truly become one of my biggest interests. I love the excitement of every part of the process -- thinking up ideas, the shoot, the editing, and most of all, the finished product. I aim for a modern, storytelling kind of style. 

I went to school at South Dakota State University for Business Economics with a minor in marketing, and now I live in a small town with my wonderful, energetic husband & our baby girl, Edith. Most of the time you can find us geeking out over newly found music, making our 1920's house cozy, drinking coffee, watching dry humor movies (Nacho Libre, The Pink Panther, or Napoleon Dynamite anyone?), cheering on our town's sports team, or throwing random get togethers (i.e. South Dakota themed parties). We just love anything that means deepening friendships, making people laugh, or meeting new people. 

In all we do we hope to point back to the one who gave us our passions, talents, and dreams in the first place: Jesus Christ. To him be all honor and glory. I praise him for each session I get to do, and for the fact that he provides each new client that helps make this dream into my reality.  

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